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    The basic situation of enterprises

    Shandong Jindi Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in "the world's well-known, China's only" "hometown of bearing retainers" and "shandong province bearing retainer industry base" - Dongchangfu District of Liaocheng City. The company was founded in 1985. After more than 30 years of history, it has developed into the largest leading manufacturer of bearing retainers in China, ranking first in China and fourth in the world.

    It is the world's eight major bearing companies Sweden SKF, Germany Schaeffler Group, China's top ten bearing company supporting products designated manufacturing enterprises.

    The company's products are mainly high-end equipment special bearing retainers, new energy vehicles and high-end automotive key components. Applications include high-end equipment such as high-end cars, heavy-duty trucks, aviation, wind power, rail transit, high-speed CNC machine tools, construction machinery,

    Registered capital of 100 million yuan, leading the participation in the formulation of national standards, has obtained 65 national patents, including 12 invention patents. It has 5 first and 14 unique honors in the industry.

    18 scientific research products have reached the "internationally advanced" level of science and technology, breaking the domestic dependence on imports, successfully replacing imports and filling domestic gaps. Successfully participated in the development and trial production of high-end bearing retainers for national aerospace. It has passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system and ISO/14001 environmental management system certification recognized by the Norwegian Classification Society.

    Core technology with sustainable R&D and technological innovation capabilities

    The company now has “Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and “Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory” and other scientific research institutions. The technology leader has been selected into the national “Millions of Plan”, the Ministry of Science and Technology “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents”, and won the “Shandong Province Fumin Xinglu Labor Medal”.

    As the leading enterprise in the domestic high-precision bearing retainer manufacturing industry, the company has always placed independent research and development and process innovation in the first place. It has possessed internationally advanced product technology and R&D innovation capability, and was awarded “China Patent Star Enterprise” and “Shandong”. “One enterprise, one technology innovation enterprise” and “Shandong AAAA standardization enterprise”. Won the "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award", "2016 Equipment China Innovation Pioneer Product Innovation Award", "Shandong Famous Brand", "Shandong Famous Trademark", "Liaocheng Mayor Quality Award" and other honors. With a complete set of core technology and production process of bearing retainer research and development, some of the product performance indicators are higher than international standards, and many technical and technological levels are leading internationally.

    The company has successfully developed high-speed silent bearing retainers, heavy-duty tapered bearing retainers, high-power wind power bearing retainers and other products with its own patented technology. It has achieved major technological breakthroughs in product structure, overall molding, surface anti-corrosion, etc. High, low noise, high reliability, life expectancy is three times higher than the national standard, both of which are the first in China and reach the "international advanced" technology level. It broke the situation that all of China relied on imported Japanese and Korean products five years ago and successfully replaced imports. Set up a fully automated production line to reduce production costs by more than 30%. Sustainable R&D and technological innovation capabilities are driving the company's growth and growth.

    Industry leads the high-end field

    The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, independently develops high-tech products, realizes intelligent and informationized high-end product manufacturing through intelligent equipment upgrading and digital workshops, breaks through the bottleneck of the development of China's traditional parts manufacturing industry, and embarks on technological support in the industry market. The road to innovation and development led by high-end.

    In the global bearing field, Sweden's SKF, Schaeffler, and Timken of the United States occupy more than 60% of the global bearing market, and are the world's high-end customers in the field of bearing retainers. Shandong Jindi is the only company that has entered the global procurement system of the world's eight major companies.

    In terms of high-precision key components for new energy vehicles and high-end vehicles, the company has achieved major technological breakthroughs, all of which are the first in China, successfully replacing imports and filling domestic gaps. It is the only domestic manufacturer of high-precision stamping parts for domestic automobiles. The products are mainly supplied to customers such as GETRAG, ZF, Aisin AW and Weilai Automobile, and are equipped with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Porsche, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, etc. High-end vehicles.

    Company development plan

    1、Realize the company's listing

    The company is docking the capital market. The company's main business is mainly in the high-end market at home and abroad, and has strong innovation ability, and is a single champion enterprise in the sub-sector, for which the GEM is preferred. At present, the listing of the main body has been completed, and internal control and management have been gradually strengthened. It is determined that it takes 3 to 5 years to strive to achieve the listing of the company as soon as possible in 2020.

    2、Future strategy and implementation plan

    The company is positioned as a professional importer of bearing retainers and auto parts in China. It develops high precision, high reliability, long life, green energy saving and environmental protection, and replaces imports as the main strategic direction. It continues to integrate around the industrial chain and strengthen high-end products. Specialized, refined, and united new product development.

    3、Company strategic development goals

    The company has made long-term planning in the development of leaps and bounds: insisting on the best products made by Seiko, taking the foundation of China and the world as the driving force, and striving to achieve the world's first grand goal by 2025.