How to Build a Blog of Hexo

How to Build a Blog of Hexo

The article audiences should have foundation of higher Chinese and little English. It takes 5-10 minutes to read this articles.


While I was facing various types of blogs, the hexo struck and touch me. However, there was not a effective and brief way to achieve my single conception. Therefore, I’m here to show and share my experience of building this blog with everyone.

What is Hexo?

Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework. You write posts in Markdown (or other languages) and Hexo generates static files with a beautiful theme in seconds.

Why did I Choose This Blog?

  • Blazing Fast

    Node.js brings you incredible generating speed. Hundreds of files take only seconds to build.

  • Markdown Support

    All features of GitHub Flavored Markdown are supported. You can even use most Octopress plugins in Hexo.

  • One-Command Deployment

    You only need one command to deploy your site to GitHub Pages, Heroku or other sites.

  • Various Plugins

    Hexo has a powerful plugin system. You can install more plugins for Jade, CoffeeScript plugins.


The Steps of Building your own Hexo

In fact, there are enough courses and blogs on the Internet. It’s not necessary for me to repeat. So you can learn and pass these instruction and practice on your computer.


When the beginning of building my own blog, the difficult challenges trouble me into a huge time trap. I do not desire to see you facing too many problems and being helplessness. I hope this article will help you a little.